How it works?

It’s secured! It’s

Let’s explore how the product works.

Registration process

Create an account in ActiveAuth and download our mobile app

It is so easy to use ActiveAuth. You can register only with your name and email.

The next step to ensure maximum security is a confirmation of your email address and phone number. You will receive a log in code, to access the ActiveAuth world of security and privacy!

Create an account

Registration process

Add one or multiple devices

We know you are using more than one device. And that’s why you can add as much devices as you want to your ActiveAuth account. Each device you add will be used as authentication method for your accounts.

Registration process

Add your profiles, which you want to secure.

With two clicks you can add the profiles, you want to secure – just scan a simple QR code.No more worries whether someone will access your accounts and will be able to read your private communication or steal your data. That’s it! You are ready!

Start log in securely all your accounts!