What do we offer?

ActiveAuth will secure your logins. Each time you opt to log in, the second layer of security will be activated and you will have the option to choose between push, text message and voice call to confirm your identity and the access to the account.

Push Message

You will receive a push message on your phone, which will ask you to approve or decline the log in request. In this way you fully control the access to your accounts and ensure you will be the only one, who can log in there.

Text Message

When attempting to log in an account, you will be asked to input a security code. The code will be sent to you as a text message within a few seconds.

Voice Call

Yes, we will call you exactly in the second you request it. The only thing you need to do is to input the password you receive.


Protect your online accounts from hijacking or password sniffing by using an OTP (One-Time Password). ActiveAuth will generate a unique password, valid for only one session.

App PIN protection

Oppss…. I lost my phone

Secured ActiveAuth on your phone – You are worried what will happen if you loose your phone or somebody else access it? No worries! ActiveAuth is unbreachable! You can set a 4-digit PIN code, which wille be required in order ActiveAuth to be opened on your phone.

Account backup

Backup of your accounts

Have you ever lost your password? ActiveAuth is providing you secured backups. They will allow you to backup third party profiles to your account. You can restore your profile if you lose or change your mobile device just by activating ActiveAuth.