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Before you start

Make sure you have an ActiveAuth account

Make sure you have active ActiveAuth account. If not you can register one for free.

Make sure you have an integration

Make shure you have an integration configured in your ActiveAuth control panel.

Install and configure the WordPress plugin

Log in to your WordPress as an administrator. Go to Plugins, Add New. Then search for "ActiveAuth" and click Install Now to install the ActiveAuth plugin.

install now

Click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin.

Activate plugin

Now, click Settings to configure the plugin.

Plugin settings

Copy and paste your Integration account, Server/Hostname, Integration ID, and Secret key from the integrations section in your ActiveAuth control panel. You may select specific user roles that should use two-factor authentication. Finally enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Plugin settings

Test it

Open a new browser (or privacy window) and try to log in to your WordPress. You should be prompted to set up your two-factor authentication:

2fa screen