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Manage Devices

Adding a device

To add a device start by clicking on the "New device" button:

In the form fill in "Device name". If the device has a phone number fill it in the "Phone number" field together with the coutry code. Specify device type, whether it is a landline or mobile device:

When done, click on the "Add" button. You will be redirected to the device edit form with more options to fill in.

Edit device

To edit a device, click on it's name or phone number in the devices list.

The fields "Device ID" and "Secret key" are read only. You will not normally need those, unless you add the device manually to the mobile app.

If the device type selected under "Type" is "Mobile" you will see a checkbox in which you can mark if you hava the mobile app installed on the device. If not you can download it for Android and iOS.

In the "Description" field you can put a custom description of the device, which will appear in the devices list.

When done, press the "Submit" button. You will be redirected to the devices list.

The devices list

The devices list is split into 6 columns. The first one is "Device name". It contains the device name and phone number. By clicking on the device's name you will be forwarded to the device edit form.

The second column "Type" show whether the device is mobile or landline.

The third column shows the "Platform" of the device. If the ActiveAuth mobile app is installed on the device and it is activated, this column will show the operating system and the model of the device. A label "No push enabled" is shown when for some reason the push service on the device cannot be enabled. Typically this is when there is no Google Play Serive installed on some rooted Android devices.

The forth column shows the "Description" of the device, you may enter in the edit form.

Using the radio buttons in the fifth column you can choose your primary device. This will be the device that will be shown by default when using the two-factor authentication.

The last column - "Actions" has two buttons. The first one is an icon of a mobile phone. It lets you link your mobile app with that device. When clicked it will show a QR code, which you can scan with the ActiveAuth mobile app:

The trash bin icon allows you to remvove a device. Be careful because if you delete a device you won't be abel to use it for two-factor authentication any more. Please also note that The "Default" device cannot be deleted.